Survival data
Here can be found age-specific and age-standardised (ICSS) 1- and 5-year relative survival for countries by sex and for breast and prostate cancer also 10-year survival. Patients are included for years 1967-2016 with follow up for death and emigration through 2017 (Finland only 2016).
The ANCR project “The survival of cancer patients diagnosed 1964-2003 in the Nordic countries” is published in Acta Oncologica 2010 issue 5. The 5-year relative survival 1964-2003 is described in 13 papers. Links to the papers can be found at

These options allow presentation of survival data in various tables or graphs. The tables can be exported to a text file. The graphs can be saved with a right click on the image, and by selecting the 'Save Image as...' option.

Tables by:

    Period and cancer
    Country and cancer
    Country and period



  Line graphs
    Time trends 
    Age-specific survival by
       Country and period

  Bar charts
    by Periods
    by Countries
    Improvement in survival the last 15 years

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