News and warnings

  The NORDCAN secretariat has moved to The Cancer Registry of Norway from 1 January 2019.
  Cancer survival is now shown in ten 5-year periods from 1967-1971 to 2012-2016. We change periods with each new version to be able to present survival for the latest available 5-year time period of diagnosis.
  An error has occurred in the survival analysis for acute lymphatic leukaemia. The NORDCAN-group has decided to remove these analysis from the current version. Survival for acute lymphatic leukaemia will be included in the next update of NORDCAN.


  Swedish deaths from ”Gallbladder” were misplaced in ”Liver” for the period 1971-1996 in version 7.3.
  Registrations of cancer cases in the two new groups ”Myelodysplastic syndromes” and ”Myeloproliferative diseases” start at different time points in the different countries and might there not be directly comparable the first years.
The Swedish cancer registry does not search for and perform follow-back in other registers for cancer cases identified from death certificates, as the other Nordic cancer registries do. This may lower Swedish incidence rates, especially for older ages and for cancers types with a high lethality, and thus result in too optimistic survival, since incident cases with short survival may not be included. Lung and pancreatic cancer are examples of cancer types where Swedish incidence rates are not directly comparable to rates from other Nordic countries and the use of mortality rates for comparisons are thus recommended. Excluding cases first identified via a cancer cause of death registration from the Danish cancer data 1999-2003 increased the 1-year relative survival by 1.5% points or less.
  The number of cases in Brain, central nervous system is slightly lower than in versions before 8.2 (03.2019) since the IARC/IACR multiple rules are now used for this site, but not used consistently in some of the previous versions and because benign and unspecified tumours of endocrine glands are no longer included.

More detailed warnings can be found under Notes in “The NORDCAN database”.

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