The cancer dictionary
The cancer site dictionary used in NORDCAN is based on the International Classification of Disease and is given by codes used in the 10th revision. Since the original data was coded according to earlier versions of the Classification, it was necessary to combine some site codes in ICD-10 to have comparable data for the time period presented. Users that need finer breakdown by sites may consult the registries to obtain such data. The order of diagnosis can be sorted according to ICD-10 or label names.
 C00-14\C10.1  Lip, oral cavity and pharynx
 C00.0-2,C00.5-9  Lip
 C00.3-4,C02-04,C05.0,C06  Oral cavity
 C01,C05.1-9,C09,C10.0,C10.2-9  Oropharynx
 C07-08  Salivary glands
 C11  Nasopharynx
 C12-13  Hypopharynx
 C14  Pharynx, ill-defined
 C15  Oesophagus
 C16  Stomach
 C17  Small intestine
 C18  Colon
 C18-21  Colorectal
 C19-21  Rectum and anus
 C22  Liver
 C23-24  Gallbladder
 C25  Pancreas
 C26,C39,C76-80, C97  Unknown and ill-defined
 C30-31  Nose, sinuses
 C32+C10.1  Larynx
 C33-34  Lung
 C37,C38.0-3,C38.8,C45.1-7,C46.2-9,C47-48,C74,C75.0,C75.4-9  Other specified cancers
 C38.4+C45.0+C45.9  Pleura
 C40-41  Bone
 C43  Melanoma of skin
 C44+C46.0  Skin, non-melanoma
 C49+C46.1  Soft tissues
 C50  Breast
 C51-52, C57.7-9  Other female genital organs
 C53  Cervix uteri
 C54  Corpus uteri
 C55+C58  Uterus, other
 C56,C57.0-4  Ovary etc.
 C60+C63  Penis etc.
 C61  Prostate
 C62  Testis
 C64  Kidney
 C65-68+D09.0-1+ D30.1-9+D41.1-9  Bladder etc.
 C69  Eye
 C70-72+C75.1-3+D32-33,D42-43  Brain, central nervous system
 C73  Thyroid
 C81  Hodgkin lymphoma
 C81-86,C88,C90-96,D45-47.0-1,3-9  Malignant haematopoietic diseases
 C82-86  Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
 C88,C96,D47.0,7-9  Other malignant haematopoietic diseases
 C90  Multiple myeloma
 C91-95  Leukaemia
 C91.0  Acute lymphatic leukaemia
 C91.1  Chronic lymphatic leukaemia
 C91.2-9  Other and unspecified lymphatic leukaemia
 C92.0+C93.0+C94.0+C94.2+C94.4-5  Acute myeloid leukaemia
 C92.1+C93.1+C94.1  Chronic myeloid leukaemia
 C92.2-9+C93.2-9+C94.3+C94.7  Other and unspecified myeloid leukaemia
 C95  Leukaemia, cell unspecified
 CXX.X+ D09.0-1+D30.1-9+D35.2-4+D41.1-9+D32-33+D42-43+D44.3-5+D45-46+D47.0-1,3-9  All sites
 CXX.X\(C44+C46.0)+D09.0-1+D30.1-9+D35.2-4+D41.1-9+D32-33+D42-43+D44.3-5+D45-46+D47.0-1,3-9  All sites but non-melanoma skin cancer
 CXX.X\(C44+C46.0+C50+C61)+D09.0-1+D30.1-9+D35.2-4+D41.1-9+D32-33+D42-43+D44.3-5+D45-46+D47.0-1,3-9  All sites but non-melanoma skin, breast and prostate cancer
 D45+D47.1,3-5  Myeloproliferative diseases
 D46  Myelodysplastic syndromes

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