Number of cancer deaths and selected populations:

   World Health Organization mortality database (accessed on 20/06/2019).


 Additional and historical mortality data:

   UK, England and Wales: Office for National Statistics Twentieth Century Mortality Files.
   UK, Scotland: Serial mortality tables. Neoplastic diseases. Vol 4. Scotland, 1911-1970. London: Institute of Cancer Research.
   USA: National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


 Demographic data:

  United Nations, World Population Prospects, the 2019 Revision.



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  Dyba T, Hakulinen T. Comparison of different approaches to incidence prediction based on simple interpolation techniques. Stat Med. 2000 Jul 15;19(13):1741-52.
  Møller B, Fekjaer H, Hakulinen T, Sigvaldason H, Storm HH, Talback M, Haldorsen T (2003) Prediction of cancer incidence in the Nordic countries: empirical comparison of different approaches. Stat Med 22(17): 2751–2766
  NORDPRED software package available at: (accessed on 11/18/2011)


 Breakpoint analysis:

  Vito M. R. Muggeo (2003). Estimating regression models with unknown break-points. Statistics in Medicine, 22, 3055-3071.
  Vito M. R. Muggeo (2008). segmented: an R Package to Fit Regression Models with Broken-Line Relationships. R News, 8/1, 20-25.

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