Cancer in Central and South America Project

The Cancer in Central and South America Project is a collaboration between the Section of Cancer Surveillance Unit of the International Agency for Cancer Research (IARC), the Red de Institutos e Instituciones Nacionales de Cáncer (RINC) and cancer registries in the Central and South American region. The project commenced in 2013. The primary objective has been to collate data collected by these cancer registries, present them in a standardized, comparable format and make them available for cancer research and control communities within the region and elsewhere.

Three online resources are available from the Cancer in Central and South America Project:

  • Cancer Epidemiology supplement issue: Cancer in Central and South America
  • This supplement issue of the journal Cancer Epidemiology comprises a series of 17 peer-reviewed, open access papers describing the background, methodology and results of the project. Included in the collection are a broad overview of cancer incidence and mortality patterns within the region and 14 cancer site-specific papers looking in detail at the geographical and temporal patterns for the major cancers.

  • Cancer Profiles for the Central and South American Region
  • This material comprises a set of cancer profiles for each of the 22 countries within the region, providing standardized tabulations and graphics for each country and each contributing cancer registry.

  • Further information on cancer etiology
  • These papers provide a detailed consideration of the etiology of the 14 specific sites of cancer considered in the supplement issue of Cancer Epidemiology within the context of risk factors relevant to the region. All papers have been peer-reviewed.

A complete list of the Cancer in Central and South America Working Group, including all the contributing registries is available here and the project's Editorial Board members are listed here.

Working Group members represented their respective cancer registries at the time of the call for data in 2013. Current contact information for cancer registries in the region can be found at the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) website


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