The NORDCAN project
Welcome to NORDCAN. This project presents the incidence, mortality, prevalence and survival statistics from 50 major cancers in the Nordic countries. This Internet application provides access to summary data with graphic and tabulation facilities. Regional data with up to 6 regions for each country is included for incidence, mortality and prevalence. A detailed presentation from the Norwegian Cancer Registry including examples of use can be found at special_issue-NORDCAN.pdf. The database with more detailed geographical information (county) for incidence and mortality and for the period 1972-2006 is only available using the NORDCAN software for PC.
  • The Association of the Nordic Cancer Registries (ANCR) has proprietary rights to the materials on the Website. The data extracted from this website is in the public domain. You may use it "as is" but must cite the corresponding reference (see below).
  • Systematic retrieval of data to create or compile, directly or indirectly, a collection, database or directory without written permission from ANCR via the secretariat is prohibited.
  • This application has been developed in collaboration with the Section of Cancer Surveillance (CSU) at IARC.
  • Nordic Cancer Union (NCU) has financially supported the project.
  • Before you start working with NORDCAN, we strongly recommend that you first read the section: The NORDCAN database.
  • Tables, graphs and predictions are made based on the selection of the user. It might take a short time to calculate tables, graphs and predictions in the program.

Recommended references
Engholm G, Ferlay J, Christensen N, Kejs AMT, Hertzum-Larsen R, Johannesen TB, Khan S, Leinonen MK, Ólafsdóttir E, Petersen T, Schmidt LKH, Trykker H, Storm HH. NORDCAN: Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Prevalence and Survival in the Nordic Countries, Version 7.3 (08.07.2016). Association of the Nordic Cancer Registries. Danish Cancer Society. Available from, accessed on day/month/year.

Engholm G, Ferlay J, Christensen N, Bray F, Gjerstorff ML, Klint A, Køtlum JE, Olafsdóttir E, Pukkala E, Storm HH (2010). NORDCAN-a Nordic tool for cancer information, planning, quality control and research. Acta Oncol. 2010 Jun;49(5):725-36.

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